After the kids were on their own, we (Dear Husband and I) lived an incredibly mundane life on the South Dakota plains. THEN we added a menagerie of farm animals to the 444Farm.

We have a few legends here on the 444Farm.


We started with Rosie our miniature horse and GusGus our miniature donkey. When you put a donkey and a horse together you get the 3rd part of my dream team. Cricket Bug is our miniature mule.


In 2019, we added a "farm poodle." Luna wasn't supposed to be a farm poodle, but no one told her. She glories in finding all matters of stinky or dirty things on the farm and has a strong aversion to bath water.

It turns out that together they turned mundane on its head with their antics and storytelling.


They allow me to be their voice and as the animal narrator I attempt to capture their stories (along with the other 444Farm critters) the best I can.


If you need a little laughter and de-stressing in your life, hop over to our blog or Facebook page.

If you need some serious de-stressing, we recommend a long hot shower with our 444Farm artisan soaps.


Our soaps are milk soaps formulated to lather and lather some more for an amazing bath experience and to condition so that you use less lotion. 


We also have our first GusGus Farm Tale picture book, now on Amazon.

Please stop by frequently and indulge in a story or two.


Lather, Legends, & Laughter

Meet The Team


Animal Narrator, Soap Maker, Grand Idea Fabricator, Author

Dear Husband (DH)

Ranch hand, Never Met A Problem I Couldn't Fix Man


Smartaculous Storyteller

Artisan Milk Soaps

We make soap. The real stuff.

(What you find in stores are "detergent bars.")

Our soaps are formulated to be long lasting, gentle, soothing and with great lather.

Gift yourself or others with an amazing bath experience!


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