Cameras are not your friend

Donkeys! Donkey's have a fight mentality. So while a horse might flee when faced with scary things (like a rock :)) a donkey will stand his ground and fight.

You would think that after ~5ish years of picture taking, that GusGus would have figured out if the camera is friend or foe. Now that I think about it, maybe he has figured it out and determined it is foe. Smartaculous, GusGus, you might be right about that. Anyway...

GusGus HATES getting his picture taken! He ran away from me. GusGus NEVER EVER runs away from anyone! Gus rarely runs and he certainly doesn't ever leave our side.

Fortunately for me, even a running GusGus is not a fast GusGus. I nabbed him, squeezed me some cheeks and got a picture of him smiling. Or maybe grimacing with his ears pinned back. Either way, it makes me smile! Happy Monday!

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