Camping Tales - Bray about it!

We snuck in a quick camping trip with GusGus, Cricket Bug, and Rosie.

I can't explain it but i don't think the neighboring horse campers appreciated GusGus's and Cricket's finer qualities. (Can I get a collective heart-clenching gasp?)

Anymore you hear about how unfriendly the world is. The same cannot be said for GusGus.

When people walked by or a neighboring horse nickered, he responded with an enthusiastic bray. When people passed by on their walk, he shouted a hearty goodbye bray. When things went bump in the middle of the night, he alerted all with a booming warning bray.

Never has the campsite been so well secured and love and attention so indiscriminately given to visitors and passer-byers alike.

As for Cricket Bug - he took his first leap into the lake. And I do mean leap! He took a big jump and launched himself into the lake and gave an "awwwwwh...this feels so good! I think I'll go deeper!"

(If you're wondering, GusGus was still on shore and not budging!)



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