Case of the Missing Horse Treats

It's the case of the missing horse treats.

It will be no surprise to you that DH (dear husband) being the big softie, gives the mini equines a treat each night before the main course is served. He keeps them on an open shelf on the half wall that is shared with the horses.

What is a bit surprising is that I was viciously ;) accused of moving the horse treats.

I defended my innocence as best I could, but it wasn't until the very empty bag was discovered in the horse corral that I was no longer a person of interest.

DH is considering a masked culprit (raccoon) while I lean towards a misbehaving donkey.

However, I am willing to consider the raccoon mostly cuz the thought of the horses hollering "stop! Thief!" and chasing him to recover the loot is a way better story.

For now, GusGus, my eyes are on you! (the picture of innocence)



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