Close encounters with the Poodle

Luna and I walked the mosquitos the other night as is our usual practice. I have to say those little buggers try hitching a lot of rides.

Luna also pointed her first...skunk...of course. I had to check out what held her interest. Luna was 3 ft away from the predator and I was a step behind.

I put my multitasking skills to the test and took off running while at the same time calling Luna to come.

Happy to report there were no foul odor emissions!

I quickly encouraged DH (dear husband) to take care of the skunk permanently . He was not successful or as DH tells it in his best French accent.

"I did not find Pepe` Le Pew but I think he always wanted to meet a French poodle "

Funny man.

Luna apologizes for her shaggy look and is waiting anxiously for her beauty appt soon.



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