Donkey Greetings

The neighbors stopped by Sunday and the bedonkadonk and friends were thrilled.

GusGus introduced himself by putting his loveable snout in Mikayla's face. Like close, REALLY close - or more accurately, nose to nose.

Which upon later reflection made it Google worthy and this is what I found out - (we'll be testing this out with future visitors...)

"Donkeys greet each other by smelling and blowing in each other’s nose. The smell of breath imparts important information to the donkey. So greeting donkeys by blowing up their noses is an effective way to reassure them that you are friendly."

GusGus was a tad disappointed over Colton's choice of boots (no shoes to untie.)

Cricket Bug was however, enthralled with the appendage on top of his head and Mikayla seems to take much delight in her brother's head about to be eaten.

Cricket Bug did master hat stealing so beware!

Cricket Bug said a tearful goodbye as only Cricket Bug can do and imparted his neigh-bray.

Dear husband explains it this way...his bray is only one note (unlike GusGus' two note "hee-haw.") so you're left waiting for the rest of his song - but it must not be written yet.

The consensus was he sounds more like a caribou.

Thanks, neighbors!

(Rosie, of course, kept her distance.)



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