Flee or Fight?

The weeds in the paddock took an early lead but were not allowed to win.

DH (dear husband) mowed the corrals while I performed the critical duty of gate guardian. As DH circled the paddock, the animals clearly showed us the difference between donkeys and horses.

Rosie, mini-horse with trust issues, with her FLEE mentality, ran superfast circles trying to get away from the scary tractor. Superfast is not a very smartaculous word but it fits. Rosie completed 4 laps for every lap the tractor did. What may have started out of skittishness, ended in Rosie having a reason to run and run some more. Which we all know from the catching game, she loves to do!

GusGus, smartaculous mini-donkey and love bug, with his FIGHT mentality, stood his ground and dared the tractor to come closer. We had a little side conversation with Gus, "sure, Gus, we'll just pause while you decide if we are friend or foe." Fortunately, being smartaculous and all, he was able to quickly discern "friend" and we were able to move on quickly.

And Cricket, mini-mule, with his questionable mentality, chased the tractor. Oh, Cricket Bug...

In all cases... entertaining!



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