GusGus' tale of woe

Someone got himself some GusGus love!

We had an on the farm event where GusGus was rather quiet for most people who stopped by.

And then the self-professed donkey whisperer, Lamar, arrived.

GusGus told him all about it - how he was moved to this itty bitty pen where he felt like he was on display like a monkey at the zoo. He was even forced to wear (horrors!) jingle bells.

GusGus earned a quick pass from the pen and got some donkey whisperer one-on-one time. I heard a couple words - something about bravery, snacks and being grateful for small blessings - at least he didn't have to wear an antler headband!

Later, GusGus was occasionally spotted staring at Cricket's antlers with a little tear in his eye.

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