Increasing Vacation Satisfaction

We're back from a week of camping!

You know how you can't leave before your house is clean? For us, we couldn't leave until we "worked" the goats - so the Saturday b4 we left (the Saturday with a heat index over 100 degrees) we banded and wormed the young ones and then I trimmed hooves and wormed the old ones - for 5 hours!

Then I mowed lawn for 2 hrs in the hottest part of the day until I wobbled off the mower and told Dear Husband, "I'm done."

Dear husband had already scored brownie points earlier when he brought a fan into the barn for me. Now he took me to dairy queen. He's an alright guy!

Dear daughter and family helped w the little ones. Dear granddaughter Sage hung around while I trimmed hooves helping to man the gate and gave out gold stars to all who stood nicely on the trimming stand. She was not so impressed with the loud ones, the ones we man-handled into the stand, or the ones who practiced their high kicks. She told her mom "trimming hooves is hard work!"

It just made vacation that much sweeter - and sweet it was! We took relaxing very seriously!



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