Lady Ella

Updated: Jun 27

This little ditty is part of the Mix n Match Mini Writing Challenge.

They gave us a choice of fairy tales and scenes to choose from to create 100 word story ... or start of a story.. Here is my take on Cinderella and the Wild West (ok... not so wild... more mail order bride-ish)

“All aboard, away!” the stagecoach driver shouted.

Cinderella fell first into her stepsister’s lap and then tumbled to the floor, as the stagecoach lurched ahead.

Belinda glared, “Show a care and don’t crush my bag. I don’t wish to arrive in wrinkled clothes. They’ll mistake me for a shar-pei. And polish my shoes while you are down there. This prairie dust sticks to everything.”

“Karma,” thought Cinderella later as she watched Belinda leave with her new husband, his dog, Rip, a very wrinkled shar-pei, and a sturdy ironing board.

Cinderella, turned and found 3 dusty imps and one handsome father watching her.

Dolly held a pink polka dotted umbrella and quickly knighted her, “Lady Ella, hurry, our salamander has escaped up a tree.”

Lady Ella and her band of imps scampered home.

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