Meet and Greet

We have kept GusGus and Cricket Bug separated since the beginning. We were afraid that GusGus would not like to compete with Cricket Bug for Rosie's affections. And we knew Cricket Bug definitely wasn't willing to share his Rosie momma.

GusGus and Cricket are getting to know each other without the fence in-between.

A few things that GusGus has been contemplating -

What is it? - doesn't smell like a donkey or a horse.

Whoa! What is going on?! GusGus is used to being the chaser but Cricket has made him the chasee. He's note quite sure about this turn of events.

GusGus is working hard to get to the bottom of this mystery animal and now tries to nip his nose. (Does he taste different, too?)

Cricket has the same idea and so far neither is successful.

A fairly recent development is Cricket is becoming more generous with his "bray-neighs." He has two different sounds - one is a low bellowing foghorn and the other high spirited piccolo. It is not possible to not smile when you hear a bray-neigh.



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