Reunited and it feels so good!

Cricket Bug was just a couple of weeks old when GusGus left on a lovely 2 month vacation with a couple of beautiful mini-donkeys on a neighboring farm. Remember this cutie?

Upon GusGus' return, he reminded us that Rosie' s name is really "My Rosie." But not everyone agrees.

Darling granddaughter Sage will let us claim any of the other animals, but "My Rosie" belongs only to her.

Cricket Bug (oh, Cricket...), although he bites her and tries to get a piggy back ride, he still knows where his next meal comes from. When it's supper time, Rosie is definitely "His Rosie."

And then GusGus returns! Oh, the joy as he runs and noisily greets "His Rosie" across the fence.

When he glimpsed Rosie's shadow, he didn't recognize the maternal love between Rosie and Cricket Bug.

What started as an exuberant greeting ended in shouts of "Imposter!"

He tried convincing Rosie of his charms with a little logic - "Look at his ears! You call that a bray?!"

She wasn't swayed. She loves her baby Cricket too.

GusGus turned his attention to Cricket, lowered his ears way back and decided man-to-man talk was needed.

He took a step forward and bumped into a leg. Without taking his eyes off Rosie he reached down and gave a "get out of my way" nip.

He then heard a "louder than bray voice" (which is not easy for quiet Rosie) that told him in no uncertain terms that such behavior was not allowed!

Contrite, he proceeded with an exploratory nose bump. It may have triggered memories of the cute little guy, but he isn't yet ready for a family reunion.



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