Royalty descends upon the 444Farm

I'm just saying that mowing is one of my super powers.

I need a riding mower. I don't need a trim mower or weed eater. I need a riding mower.

We have lots of fruit trees that are candidates for some trim mowing. However, I have found that if you flatten your body over the steering wheel, close your eyes, point the lawn mower in the general direction and count to 3 after you think you have passed the obstacle you can do it all without getting up from your mowing throne.

Oh, sure, some branches have ripped some shirts, scratched arms and neck and pack an occasional wallop and subsequent headache when you return to an upright position too soon, but I don't need a trim mower, I need a riding mower.

I might holler, "Move the garden hose!" But otherwise there's no reason to leave my mowing throne. I'll just sharpen my blades on those dog bones or twigs as thick as your arm lying in the grass.

It's hard to know which look to gaze upon dear husband after a grinding noise causes him to deliver "the look" to me. Do I ignore, grin, throw my arms up with a "I didn't see it", a little shoulder shrug, or try for a more sheepish look (nah!)?

Mulberry trees have no respect for my title.

Note to self...don't wear white shorts when mowing under the mulberry trees.

Apparently when hugging the steering wheel, ripe mulberries are falling into my seat and after sitting back up, I inadvertently create mulberry juice...ugh...what a mess!

I showed my ruined dress to DH (dear husband) and he laughed long and loudly.

I wish I had a scepter with my mowing throne. I'd like to give him a bit of a love tap!

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