Snow and Cockleburs

In lieu of a winter storm, supper came early tonight. And while they have a skiff of snow on their backs, it looks like they preferred to spend most of their time "inside." Rosie's top knot looks a bit fuzzy. I found a moment to work on her cockleburs last weekend. GusGus has the perfect mane so cockleburs don't stick.

Rosie's long tresses are pretty awful and to do it I have to halter Rosie (who allows one kiss a day, don't ask for two).

You can imagine what GusGus and Cricket thought of her getting all this one on one attention.

So while I worked on her mane, Cricket tried nipping my hands while GusGus pulled on the lead rope stuck between my knees. Then they switched places and Cricket pulled on the rope and GusGus pulled on my jacket.




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