This is what winter looks like

DH (dear husband) was going for man of the yr this am as he cleaned out the driveway while the temp was 31 below. It is his weekend to work so he didn't have the option of waiting until it warmed up. He tells me it didn't feel that bad.

The goats and I took a different approach and avoided the cold as much as possible.

After exploring the first three feet of their new white world, the goats decided they had everything they needed in the barn and were not seen again. That's their view below.

I waited until it was single digits below going out and doing chores. (The man of the yr had checked the waterers earlier)

GusGus' bray box doesn't appear to like the cold either as he would start to bray, suck that frigid air in, and change his mind. The cold and snow didn't bother them for a moment and instead sounded like "More, please!"



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